Australian Schools Allow Racism Toward Immigrants

A national study conducted in Australia reveals that two-thirds of young people are the victims of racism while at school with immigrant female students ages 11 and 12 most at risk to encounter such hatred. According to the study, 80% of secondary students from non-Anglo backgrounds and 55% of those from Anglo backgrounds report they had experienced racial vilification. It is clear that Anglo-Australian youth are most prone to display prejudice toward other cultural groups, particularly those who are darker skinned or whose parents are from places like Africa or India. Prejudice comes in the form of verbal insults or to being culturally stereotyped and there is evidence bigotry leads to young people displaying physical manifestations as well as indicating a lack of desire to go to school.

Roxy McGuire, a school official displayed the incorrect response to the study by saying, “we’re going to have an anti-racism day today.” And, what about tomorrow? Racism can not be handled by a “day” or a week in which children receive a lecture about being nice to others. It requires a long term well designed program of developing relationships and dispelling misconceptions.