Australian Soldiers Kill Afghan Children

Australian soldiers killed two young children who were in a vehicle that did not halt when challenged resulting in the death of two Afghans. In a separate incident Australian soldiers killed an American contractor for similar reasons. Historically, Australian soldiers have been held in high regard for their adherence to ethical values while at war, but there apparently is considerable fear among these fighting men engaged in the Afghan conflict.

One can only suspect the nature of guerrilla warfare in Afghanistan is at the heart of so many incidents in which civilians are killed because of communication issues. Lack of Afghan speaking soldiers in Australian or American or German fighting units invariably results in these types of deaths. It is also evident the Taliban has dramatically increased — not decreased — in its ability to wage guerrilla warfare. We return to America;s great mistake — failing to focus all energy in defeating the Taliban and Osama bin Laden by invading Iraq. The invasion of Iraq prevented our ability to rid Afghanistan of destabilizing forces. So, we would up destabilizing Iraq and allowing Afghanistan to become destabilized.