Australian Terrorists Convicted

A Muslim cleric and six of his followers were convicted in Australia got planning terrorist attacks in the name of God or something. Abdul Nacer Benbrika, and his fellow stooges were arrested for plotting to attack landmarks in his native Melbourne in order to achieve some goal. Although the group had never identified an actual target or obtained the necessary arms and materials to do anything other than shoot off their mouths about bravery and jihad, they will still wind up in jail. The keystone cop group had planned to attack the city’s cricket stadium but became worried about security personnel in the area.

The problem with groups such as these is their desire to sit around mouthing off bravery but the only brave thing they ever did was to actually attend one of these silly meetings. They were ready to kill women and children in pursuit of some end, exactly which, is still unknown. Why is it that jihadism brings out the most incompetent people in the world?