Authentic People Wanted!

A member of the Australian parliament expressed a desire to have some real Aborigines who could be around on a daily basis. “I think it would be terrific if, as well as having an urban Aboriginal in our Parliament, we had an Aboriginal person from central Australia, an authentic representative of the ancient cultures of central Australia in the Parliament.” This got me thinking about the need for “authentic people.”

1. How about an authentic Republican who actually believes in the ideas of Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. You know, the Abe guy who introduced the income tax and the Ted guy who went after Big Business?
2. How about an authentic Mitt Romney? Then again, is it possible to uncover a real Romney?

3.  How about an authentic economist who actually tells the truth that if one reduces income and spends more then one has Less money?

4. How about an authentic health care system which is run by the government and the profit motive no longer exists?

5. How about an authentic Bill O’Reilly who lives up to his Irish heritage and ceases attacking new immigrants? Bill, your ancestors were the Hispanics of today!