Author Urges End To Nihilism In Israel

English author, Ian McEwan, speaking at the opening ceremony of the Jerusalem International Book Fair, he urged Israelis to end their nihilistic approach to dealing with the outside world and their neighbors. He decried Hamas Nihilism which sends suicide bombers to kill the innocent, but that behavior was equalled by Israeli nihilism which sent rockets into the home of Gaza doctor Izzadin Abu Eilash and killed his three daughters. McEwan blasted continued “evictions and relentless purchases of Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem, the process of the right to return granted to Jews, but not to Arabs, the so called facts on the ground of hardening concrete over the future, over the future of Palestinian and Israeli children who will inherit the conflict and find it even more difficult to resolve than it is today.” The author urged an end to further settlement construction. His remarks were generally met by silence from the audience.

A basic question raised by McEwan was, “what is to be done” in order to attain peace. The time has come, he urged for Israel to avoid the continued “retreat into a bunker mentality.” We support his comments and, as a Jew who has the right to return to Israel which is denied by Arab brothers and sisters, we urge the end of nihilism.