Authoritarian Birds Of A Feather

It is always amazing how two groups which are certain each alone knows the truth are in reality simply living evidence how those holding contradictory views really hold similar views. Salafist Muslims in Germany,at best, have about 2,000 members, but they constantly seek to portray themselves as powerful and able to achieve power. A few days ago this group met a  right wing extremist faction, the Pro-NRW in a square in Bonn. Both groups were separated by police as they shouted curses and words of defiance. The air was shortly filled with souonds of nonsense.

Finally, the Pro-NRW held aloft cartoons which depict the Prophet Muhammad. That set the stage of rocks and bottles to be thrown by Salafists–wh0 threw in stabbing a few policemen.  Shouts of “Deport Them” and “Death to Infidels” went on and on. Eventually, the square was emptied of these empty people.

Each group believes fervently it possesses the TRUTH. Each believes it alone knows what is best for Germany. Each seeks a world that is PURE and devoid of contamination by those deemed inferior. Each is a non-factor in German political life but each wants to prove they can gather attention.

In reality, neither group could fill a football stadium with supporters. Neither will ever gain power. We wonder if these folk ever considered to form an alliance and create a NONSENSE party?