Auto Bail Out Bailed Out By Republicans

During the past eight years, Republicans have boasted about the virtues of the American free enterprise system and interpreted any attempt to impose regulation of business practices as the first step on the road to evil “socialism.” They have never seen a tax cut for the wealthy that should not be passed and during the recent election process, John McCain opposed the thought of allowing Bush tax cuts that favored the wealthy to be ended. Republicans are committed to the proposition that taxes for those who make a lot of money should always be low. It is somehow ironic that Senate Republicans are now insisting automobile workers should take reduction in their wages while making clear they are against Obama’s idea to allow the generous tax cuts for the wealthy to expire.

Senate Republicans, including John McCain, are merely displaying their bias against workers by demanding wage cuts for workers as a precondition for the automobile bailout. Republicans proudly proclaim the need for workers to have less money while loudly proclaiming the right of the wealthy to get more money. It is simply the old Republican belief that in the end, those with less deserve less and those with more deserve more. Hypocrisy sleeps in the beds of Republican leaders.