Autocracy In Kuwait

An ongoing issue in Middle Eastern nations is the presence of this or that “strong man” who regards his presence  as the head of a nation to be among the most important issues on this planet. OK, so he is head of the tiny, tiny little country of Kuwait but he intends to make certain that his word is law. Mundhir a-Habib is a dentist in this great nation who has been beaten and kicked around for the police because he makes such outrageous statements as “we will not allow your highness to take Kuwait into the abyss of autocracy.” These words spread like wildfire throughout the country  and resulted in demonstrations of support for the concept of democracy.

In the glorious country of Kuwait, one of America’s firm allies in the war against terrorism and brutality saying  “I believe in freedom of speech”can result in your back coming into contact with  lashes and your arms broken. The only one who can utter such words is “your highness.”