Automatic Weapons Kill More People

Among the non-stop assertions of the National Rifle Association is that people kill people, not guns. How many times have we heard the comment: “you can get killed just as easily by a knife as a gun so don’t blame guns.” A shooting incident at Seattle Pacific University proves this is a false assumption. A gunman entered one of the buildings and began to shoot people with his shotgun. He ran out of ammunition and had to reload. As he was reloading a female student hit him with pepper spray and a boy jumped on him and got him to the ground. If Mr. Aaron P Ybarra was in possession of an automatic weapon which blasted away with hundreds of bullets many more students would be dead.

Only one student died. Yes, he could have been killed with a knife. But, what about the dozens who might have died if Mr. Ybarra was carrying around weapons such as displayed by NRA idiots in Texas? America needs sensible gun laws. But, that will never happen as long as we have crazy people in this nation who just love to blast away.