Avigdor Lieberman Attacks Netanyahu

Avigdor Lieberman, the most incompetent foreign minister in the world, blew up at his superior, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for holding secret meetings with the Turkish government in order to repair relations between Israel and its former ally. A factor in creating bad relations between the two nations was the ridiculous behavior of Lieberman’s assistant who last year invited the Turkish ambassador to a meeting, deliberately placed a low chair in the room, invited in Israeli TV and said in Hebrew how he was insulting the ambassador by seating him below his desk. Lieberman did not realize Turkey would only send an ambassador to his nation who was fluent in Hebrew. Now, the mouth that roars nonsense blasted his superior for undermining his authority. A spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry released a statement about the secret meetings: “this is an insult to the norms of accepted behavior and a heavy blow to the confidence between the foreign minister and the prime minister.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu reportedly met with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in an attempt to repair relations. There is scant doubt Turkish political leaders have no respect for Lieberman. Hopefully, this explosion will result in departure of Lieberman from the Cabinet and a new alliance which includes Kadima which is committed to peace with Palestinians.