Avigdor Lieberman Congratulates Himself

For some reason the people of Israel believe at this critical time in the search for peace in the Middle East their nation is best represented by the mouth that roars defiance and hate toward other nations. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman congratulated Israel on its peaceful work and described his nation as “the land of opportunities” and a force for good relations with other nations. The Egyptian government does not wish to have anything to do with this vicious hater until he apologizes for insulting remarks he made about their nation. Palestinians do not trust him, and it is quite clear neither President Obama or Secretary of State Clinton believe this thug should be in charge of foreign affairs of the state of Israel.

It is all well and good to applaud oneself but allowing an individual who has earned the dislike of most nations of the world raises questions as to the thinking of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Why in God’s name did he appoint this incompetent loud mouth to lead his nation’s foreign affairs?

  • jasfy

    the only insult to egypt was to finally vent frustration about egyptian inaction at stopping weapons trafficking in sinai, and the fact that no egyptian president has ever visited israel even though they’re supposedly at peace..for over 2 decades,being that lieberman was not a diplomat at the time he now has to deal with the consequences but he wasn’t ”wrong” simply harsh, like anyone in the knesset.
    palestinians are not trusted either and if by trusted you mean having someone who will be naive and spineless they obviously hit a wall with lieberman. as for obama and clinton their ”beliefs” are quite irrelevant: lieberman is the head of the third largest party in israel voted in by ~17.5% of the israeli voters. while the former wonder girl was nice and smooth talking it is clear today that her work came down to nothing tangible for israel aside from two wars…

    for now what he has earned is the confidence of the israeli public and this is the only reason he was picked by netanyahu,has for the judgement your making of him it is unfair and baseless being that he’s got the job barely a few months….
    as for a loud mouth: it was long overdue that an israeli politician will have the guts to say out loud what every israeli talks about quietly: instead of running down civilians and collecting benefits the israeli-palestinian ought to be loyal to the state that feeds them or to ship out to benefit from another democracy in the ME