Avigdor Lieberman-Mouse That Roars!

The history of Israel is replete with outstanding personalities and leaders such as Golda Meier or David Ben-Gurion, but in recent times the quality of leadership appears to have gone into a sharp decline. Israel’s Foreign Minister, Avidgor Lieberman must rank among the most ignorant foreign policy leaders in the world. He blasted President Obama for daring to work for peace in the Middle East. “Bringing President’s dream to fruition in two years, including an overall agreement and a (Palestinian) state is an unrealistic goal.” Spoken like a man who seeks peace and security for Israel.

He went on to blast prior Israel leaders like Olmert and Rabin for wasting valuable time. “One of the foreign ministry’s mistakes was to turn itself into a ministry for Palestinian affairs.” He wants the world to know, “I have not intention of doing that, no plans for obsessive engagement.” Of course, he does not offer a single idea on how to achieve peace with Palestinian leaders. Ben-Gurion must be turning over in his grave.