Avigdor Lieberman –Mouth Roaring Nonsense

Once upon a time the nation of Israel had leaders such as David Ben Gurion or Golda Meier who were respected in the world as individuals who understood the dynamics of diplomacy. Alas, today, Israel has a foreign minister whose childishness and ignorance have made his nation’s diplomatic corps the laughing stock of the world. At a recent meeting with foreign ministers from France and Spain, Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman proceeded to offer a lecture on the history of Europe. “Solve your own problems in Europe before you come to us with complaints. Maybe, I will be open to accepting your suggestions.” He went on to compare urging Israel to negotiate with Palestinians to European leaders in 1938 allowing Hitler to take over Czechoslovakia. “Israel will not be the Czechoslovakia of 2010.” Naturally, he would not stop spouting nonsense by going on to explain European concerns for peace in the Middle East as stemming from problems in Afghanistan and North Korea!

Europeans know it is important to avoid violence in the Middle East and seek a compromise agreement between Israel and Palestinians. How can that be compared to Hitler taking over Czechoslovakia? Lieberman is an ignorant, uncouth slob who does not belong in any government position, let alone being foreign minister.