Avigdor Lieberman, Once Again Roars Nonsense

Israel Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman was not born in Israel. Avigdor Lieberman was not born in Palestine. Avigdor Lieberman was not born in the Middle East. He was born in the Soviet Union and migrated to the state of Israel where he soon gathered together ultra nationalists who were more Israeli than those born in the country. He has continually insulted those in Israel who are not Jewish and charged they lacked his sense of nationalism. The slogan of his political party is, “no loyalty, no citizenship.” He is proposing the entire question as to who is a citizen of the state of Israel should be re-evaluated and those who do not meet Liberman criteria, should get the hell out of the country and go live in Palestine.Lieberman is particularly upset at MK Henin Zuabi who has been critical of Israel policy. She is charged with identifying with enemies of Israel and therefore should not be allowed to serve in the Knesset, even though she was elected to it.

The Netanyahu demand that Israel be recognized by Muslims as a “Jewish state” is insulting to Muslims and Christians who live in the country. Historically, Jews were treated as non-citizens in many nations, and Avigdor wants to impose on non-Jews what was imposed on them. He definitely is a class act. Perhaps, he should be sent back to Russia where he was born.