Avigdor Lieberman–The Mouth That Roars Nonsense

Avigdor Lieberman is a man of violent opinions who believes his nation is always right and the world outside is always wrong. He is not the brightest or well educated person to hold the position of foreign minister in Israel, but Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu needed some votes in the Knesset and along came Avigdor. The latest out burst by the mouth that speaks nonsense was directed at members of the Israel foreign ministry. At a meeting of about 150 envoys, Avigdor exploded. He was furious that diplomats endeavored to behave in a diplomatic fashion while in another country. “I have seen some ambassadors identify themselves with the other side to such an extent that they are all the time trying to justify and explain.” The foreign minister told the group, “the era of goveling is over” and Israel will no longer “tolerate insults.”

The essence of diplomacy is being able to understand the mind set and thinking of your opponent. Shouting at another country may play well to local demagogues, but it does not resolve issues between nations. Perhaps, the first step in working for peace in the Middle East is for Prime Minister Netanyahu to get a new foreign minister.