Avigdor Lieberman–The Mouth That Roars!

Avigdor Lieberman is a child of his origin, life in the Soviet Union which compelled individuals to lie and distort in order to survive. Unfortunately, he brought that mind set to Israel and became determined never again to be the under-dog. It is preferable to be the one bossing around those who are powerless. In a recent interview, he once again blamed Palestinians for any problems in obtaining peace in the Middle East. “We took the unilateral step of deciding on a moratorium, a construction freeze in Judea and Samaria. We recognized two states for two peoples. I think we made countless gestures and what did we get in return? The glorification of terrorism.” If one accepts these remarks as constituting actions for peace, they, at first glance, appear to be conciliatory. But, on second glance, it is simply another twisting of words by the mouth that roars defiance to the world.

Israel in 1967 did offer peace to Palestinians and their offers were rejected. This led to the decision to consolidate seizure of the West Bank and transform it into a stronghold for Israelis. The UN partition plan of 1948 placed land that Lieberman claims is Israeli into the hands of Arabs. So, after stealing land, he is gracious enough not to continue stealing.

President Abbas and the Arab League have announced willingness to recognize the existence of Israel as part of a peace plan. This hardly sounds as those they are “glorifying violence.” As long as an ignorant bully like Avigdor Lieberman is foreign minister of Israel, there will not be peace.

  • xx1pakman

    Why is so hard to accept a peace offer. I don’t get this presidents.