Avigdor Returns!

If a poll were to be taken as to who is the most ignorant man in world politics, Avigdor Lieberman would win in a landslide. He is a bully, a braggart, a man gifted in ignorance, and above all the most dangerous individual in the Middle East. He has absolutely no interest in peace and reconciliaton with Palestinians whom he considers to be less than human. Avigdor was up on corruption charges and has been acquitted which means Benjamin Netanyahu will reappoint him to the position of Foreign Minister. If John Kerry thought working with Bibi on any aspect of Middle Eastern peace was a chore, after one session with Avigdor, John would welcome Arafat to his bossom. Netanyahu kept the job open during the past ten months in hope the bombastic Russian would not go to jail. Instead he will place in prison any hope of peace with Palestinians.

Sorry for the sorrowful view of the government of Israel. It is now led by two individuals who have no interest in peace, except on their rather unusual definition of the word, “compromise.” In their view the word means–you agree on what I want and I will accept your surrender.

  • Smith

    Another rubber stamped liberal opinion on Israel and why she just “refuses to make peace with poor peace and life loving palestinians.” Between that and “disproportionate response” I think I’m gonna projectile hurl my lunch.
    Nothing shows how much palestinians truly care for peace then their version of K-12 school books, or the palestinian leader who negotiates with you for “peace” openly wears a patch on his arm displaying the map of so called palestine only the entire state of Israel just happens to be that map.