Avoid Angering Russia Warns Polish Voice

An old voice from Poland’s past told reporters it is important to avoid angering the Russian government which carries within its soul traditional fears and anxieties about the outside world. General Wojciech Jaruzelski, who once headed Poland, emphasized “it is in the interests of the West.. to have a stable Russia. Russia’s history and some of its complexes must themselves be taken into account.” Even as he spoke, a Russian military parade was taking place in Moscow as Dimitry Medvedev was being sworn in as president. Jarulzelski described Russian leaders as “cold pragmatists and patriots” who regard the expansion of NATO eastward as a provocative move which they believe threatens their security as a nation. He warned his own country to be cautious, “Poland must be really careful not to be a troublemaker in this field.”

He saw no need for the bulding of missile bases in Poland. “I think Russia and Russians see all such installatiions… not only in Poland and the Czech Republic, but also in Turkey, for example– as another attempt to surround and entrap it.”

The voice may be from an old man who once held a position of power, but it speaks logic and reason in contemporary times. There is no threat of missiles from foreign nations and the Russian government understands that all too well. Building missle bases is simply another provocative action by George Bush.