Ayatollah Believes Iran Frightens World

There are Iranian leaders who seek to establish sensible relations with nations of the world, and there is always the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei who believes that he alone can decide the future of, not only his nation, not only the Middle East, but the entire world. President Obama told a West Point class that future American policy does not include a rush to military action. However, he never said that American policy would avoid military action. Nor did he say, that economic action would be employed and it might be more lethal than military action. The Ayatollah informed his nation that “military act is not a priority for America now.”

Reality: Economic sanctions have dealt crippling blows to the Iranian economy and lowered national income. The Ayatollah still does not grasp that in our modern world, trade and commerce define our living standards, not the size of our military or our ability to wage war. Heck, even Vladimir Putin has enough sense to avoid invading the Ukraine. The Ayatollah might think twice about insulting the current president. Has he ever considered the possibility of a different president with a different political party, and a desire to demonstrate toughness???