Ayatollah Says Enough Is Enough

Iran is fortunate to possess a Supreme Leader which ensures this is one nation that will never have to endure the endless political ads which assault the eyes and minds of Americans. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei  told the  Iran Parliament that when he told them to interogate President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad he really didn’t mean for things to get nasty. He was simply sending a message to  the president that while he may have a title which makes him president of Iran, the real power resides in the Supreme Ruler. A petition submitted by 77 MPs in Parliament required Ahmadinejad to appear and explain rocketing inflation, the downward movement of  the rial an general disaster in the nation’s economy.

Khamenei decided enough was enough and Ahmadinejad got the message as to who really runs the country. No inquiry. Of course, the economy is still going down, the  monetary system has collapsed and the Ayatollah will never be summoned to explain how his ideas have led to the disaster of a collapsing economy.

He is the Supreme Leader!