Bad Bradley Manning?

Private Bradley Manning has been found guilty of making public the ideas of those in government that many claim causes them to alter their functioning as government officials. Patrick Kennedy, a State Department official told the military court that release of documents by Manning has made government officials, business leaders, educators and journalists reluctant to speak freely in private with US diplomats. “It is impossible to know what someone is not sharing with your–and this is, in itself, I beleive, a risk to national security” However, when the documents were released, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made clear that she was not worried and she found “no hesitancy” in expressing her views to foreign leaders.

Former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was even more blunt. “I’ve heard the immact of these releases on our foreign polic described as a meltdown, as a game-changer and so on. I think these descriptions are farily significant overwrought.” Convict Manning of the crime of revealing documents, he did not put the life of an American soldier at risk.He probably has already served the required years in prison so le the young man go home.

Any journialist or college professor will write what they darn well please and none will worry about people knowing their real opinions!