Bad Day For Bishops And Saints

These are not good times for leaders of the Catholic Church, particularly, when two new sex abuses scandals emerge within a few days dealing with famous priests. In Belgium, Roger Vaheluwe, Bishop of Bruges, admitted that years ago he molested a boy and feels guilt at the psychological damage his acts did to this person. He announced his resignation. In Chile, four men instituted criminal charges against the Rev. Fernando Karadima who is regarded by many people in Chile as a living saint. Some are furious at the men for making public their claims to being sexually abused while others are furious at the reverend for mistreating young men. Charges are flying back and forth from those who insist they were secretly abused by Karadima for years while his defenders insist no such abuse ever occurred.

One can only conclude that Pope Benedict XVI must finally summon a conclave to deal with this situation and seriously examine the issue of celibacy in the church. What next– a charge against the Pope?