Bad Days In City Of Assange

These days anyone with the name of Assange is in for a difficult time if he shows up at an airport or tries getting a job that entails a police check. The Assange family is persona non grata in most capitals of the world, and particularly in any Washington D.C. neighborhood. To add to bad days for Julian Assange, his son, Daniel, has joined in the posse out for his butt. According to Daniel Assange, “father declared me a sociopath, mother thinks I’m a monster, and this romantic situation is oh-so-very uncomfortable.” Of course those were the nice words aimed at him, but Dan, anything you can say about yourself is nothing compared to what they say about dad. Dan’s dad was nineteen when he married a girl who was sixteen, and once Dan was born, Julian departed for a better clime. Ironically, when Daniel was sixteen his dad asked him to join a new website named, Wikileaks but the boy did not have much trust in the father. Despite his life long anger toward dad, Daniel appears to have become enthused with the fury caused by Julian. “I have much respect for my father and his cause, and these ridiculously ill-handled allegations of sexual abuse serve only to distract from the audacious awesomeness that he has actually done.”

Regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees with Julian Assange, he certainly has got the attention of the world. I guess in doing so, he finally got the attention of his own son.

  • Anonymous

    preg at 15 a tuf one.i would get a vascetomy after that!
    history shows us it seems hard for men to be all things;
    i.e, brilliant… & a nuturing father.
    goodluck to them both.