Bad Manners, The American Norm

As I recall it was a norm in American politics for opposing parties to attack wives and children of the president. Alas, that was then, and today we have angry, hateful people in Congress who spend their days and nights studying what the First Lady did today and what grades did her children earn on the latest test. Given the vicious atmosphere surrounding the presidency of Barack Obama it is not surprising that hate has filtered down to all aspects of society. We have witnessed Republican congressmen shouting insults at the president when he speaks, we have a non-stop war to blame every error on the president.

Michelle Obama was giving a speech at a Democratic fund raiser when a supporter of gay rights shouted out a demand that she compel her husband to issue an executive order to forbid discrimination against all forms of gay  rights. The First Lady walked to the heckler, offered the microphone and asked the audience if they wanted her to leave. People rose insisting they had come to here her speak, not a heckler whose object was  to disrupt.

There are times when Silence is really golden