Bad News For Men In Ingushetia

There is bad news from Ingushetia where a council of Muslim scholars has decided to up the ante on securing the hand of a fair maiden. Men will now be required to pay a minimum of $1200 for the hand of a bride instead of the past $400 figure. It is the custom for men to pay a fee in order to ask a father to give consent for the marriage of his daughter. Of course, it is estimated at least half the brides in this North Caucusus region are abducted by men who want to marry them. Magomed Mutsolgov, a human rights activist argues abductions violate the Koran and “does not honor women.” Oh, the scholars also upped the price to settle a blood feud to $32,000.

My concern is what happens if I abduct Sarah Palin and seek to make her my bride. I would gladly pay $1,200 to get my hands on this fair maiden who is into millions since people actually believe her comments make sense. I assume once she is abducted any money she makes must belong to me. Heck, I will give her hubby the $32,000 and take off with this money making machine. Of course, the flip side is having to listen to her drivel and putting up with the winks and blinks. But, when all is said and done, money talks and makes more sense than anything the idiot woman can say.