Bad Times For Tea Party Stalwarts!

There are people living in the United States of America who would prefer the world of President anti-gay Putin to the world of a nation governed by the Constitution. If Putin ran for president of the United States of America he would receive 90% of the votes of Tea Party members of a sizable vote among the people of southern states. He not only hates homosexuals, he sends them to jail! However, in the USA we do enjoy a Constitution and we do have judges who adhere to that document rather than to voices of hate. A Federal judge struck down anti-gay laws in the state of Kentucky since in denying the right to marry by same-sex couples, it results in a violation of “the Equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment, and made clear that such laws are “void and unenforceable.”

Meanwhile in the state of Arizona, some members of the legislature who voted passage of a bill that allows any businessman who has “seriously held” religious views not to serve a customer. It is unclear as to what constitutes a “seriously held” versus a “held” religious view. Of course, it is unclear as to what constitutes a “religious view.” Does a “religious view” have to be directly linked to a specific place in the Bible? Does this bill allow members of the Muslim or any other religion to refuse service?

Governor Jan Brewer was under pressure from the business community and the tourist community to veto a bill that might lead to loss of hundreds of millions of dollars due to boycotts. She finally vetoed the bill noting, “I have not heard of an example in Arizona where a business owner’s religious liberty has been violated.”