Baghdad Afire Again

The story of Iraq has no end other than death and destruction. Those who inhabit this sad nation have endured decades of misrule and violence. For years, they were compelled to obey the maniacal behavior of Saddam Hussein and his son who roamed the streets of Baghdad seizing attractive females to violate. Then, along came the liberating Americans who transformed peace into war rather than enterng with a well designed planf or reconstruction. A few years later came the famous “Surge” led by the great General David Petraeus which allegedly defeated al-Qaeda. A decade after the “triumph” of Petraeus, another bombing in Baghdad, dozens more dead and the violence continues.

Since April about 5,500 innocent people have died as a result of al-Qaeda bombs directed towards Shiites.Most probably at least 10,000 have been wounded. Why? Prime Minister Maliki decided to avoid actions that might lead to peace and reconciliation with Sunnis. He drove them from the government and they are now the driving force behind death and destruction.

I wonder if Maliki will summon the great General Petraeus. Another “surge” in the future? Of course, Maliki could always seek help from former President Bush.