Baghdad Blasts Blast Forever

There are moments in time when reading about events in the Middle East that my mind suddenly becomes locked in a confused look of ‘what the heck am I reading?’ In 2003, when General Bush initiated the invasion of Iraq in search of the Weapons of Mass Destruction, I was informed by the Dynamic Duo of Rumsfeld and Cheney, the enemy were those MUSLIMS! Of course, sometimes the Dynamic Duo got a bit confused about these “Muslims” and it turned out there were Sunni and Shiite Muslims and they hated one another more than they hated Jews or Christians of the Dynamic Duo. So, today, Sheik /Qais al-Khazali, who was placed in prison by the infidel Americans, was giving a pep talk to fellow Shiites, some Sunni folk who belong to al-Qaida decided it was time to murder those who work with the Americans. Wait a second. This Sheik was put in prison by the Americans so he must be a friend of al-Qaida.

Anyway, Sunni al-Qaida set off some bombs in the rally and killed 33 people who were cheering a Sheik who hates Americans. One of the guys blew himself up because he hated the Americans in order to kill people who supported the guy who hates Americans. I trust one and all understand this gibberish.