Bagjdad Redeux

It is a year since the last American troops left Baghdad and bid a fond farewell to a people who have been liberated from tyranny and now are able to enjoy the benefits of peace and freedom.  A wave of bombs exploded in markets mainly located in Shia neighborhoods which indicates those who set bombs were from Sunni groups that are furious at acts of the Maliki government. Prime Minister Maliki had a wonderful opportunity to reach out to Sunnis and offer peace and cooperation. Instead, he arrested Sunni leaders, refused to open his governmen to a coalition and caused anger and fear among his fellow  Iraqis. The bombs of May are simply retaliation for the acts of the past year to make clear to Sunnis they are now second class citizens.

Maliki should make a trip to South Africa and talk with Nelson Mandela how to handle dealing with those who once oppressed your people. Mandela offered reconciliation, while Maliki offers revenge. The result is bombs explode in Bagdad, not in South Africa