The Republican Party believes in free enterprise and the essence of the capitalist free enterprise economic system is “make as much money off consumers as you can get away with, after all, this is America, the land of free enterprise.” I am certain the Republican party will support the latest example of free enterprise in action that is conducted by Delta Airlines. A group of 34 soldiers returning from fighting for their nation in Afghanistan committed a terrible crime of money, they had four bags to check and Delta charges $200 for the fourth bag. So, the men were forced to pay an extra $200–out of pocket– in order to get on the plane with their bags of war. As Sgt. Robert O’Hair commented; “we had four bags and Delta only allows three bags.” So, they paid.

Delta is sorry that soldiers have to pay, but, this is the land of free enterprise, and if you want to fly home, pay the freight. Frankly, this sick story of American capitalist greed is only one of thousands that daily occur in this land of freedom. The moral of this story is clear–if you are sent overseas to fight for this nation, make certain to pack all belongings in three bags. I am certain Congressman Eric Cantor, a leader of the Republican party in the House of Representatives who refuses to allow government aid to Joplin, will undoubtedly come to the aid of Delta for being a capitalist company.

I find it interesting why no one is concerned about a policy that results in a charge of $200 for a bag. Heck, I can fly on Southwest Airline from St. Louis to Chicago for less. OH, I did not realize the bag is given a seat.

Of course, look at the bright side, they were allowed on the plane. Delta did not force them to go back to where they just came from!