Bahrain Bans Freedom

The nation of Bahrain is another divided Middle Eastern nation. A majority of its people are
Shiite Muslims and its ruler is a Sunni Muslim. There is scant doubt of extensive prejudice and discrimination in Bahrain against Shiites. During the past few years Shiites have finally begun to openly protest against the lack of democracy in their nation which ensures Sunni control over all aspects of government by making certain that no election could ever result in giving Shiites an equal role in government. Sunni rulers has assumed sweeping powers to crush any and all demonstrations. Bahraini security forces are deployed to crush a proposed Shiite mass rally. Al-Wefaq, an important Shiite opposition leader, said police had blocked roads leading to Shiite villages with barbed wire and concrete blocks. In essence, Shiites are now locked into a huge prison.

Naturally, the Bahrain government raises the issue of “terrorists.” In modern life, simply shout, “terrorists” and the friendly American government will deploy drones to end the terrorist threat. At least 80 people have died since protests began in 2011. Many doctors are in jail because the treated those injured in protests. Just another story in the war against TERRORISM!