Bahrain Dislikes Shiites

The world of the Middle East offers interesting examples of how one nation is able to do X, but if another nation does it, then we are offered a discussion about human rights. Bahrain is an important naval base for the United States Navy, and thus its wonderful ruler is always OK. The majority of people in this tiny nation are of the Shiite religion, but its wonderful ruler is a Sunni-just like his friends in Saudi Arabia. The Bahrain government accuses Iran and its Revolutionary Guards of fostering terrorism in its country. A Baharini court sentenced four Shias to life terms in jaul and six others to 15 years in jail.

The basic issue is whether those who constitute a majority in the nation have any rights to participate in decision making. I believe this falls under the term of,”democracy.” But, when it comes to rights of Shiites, “reality” comes into play. Since the minority governs, and it supports the USA, then the heck with minority rights.