Bailtullah Mehsud-Dead Or Alive?

The reported death of Pakistan Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud has created a controversy as conflicting claims emanate from militant sources. Yesterday, one Taliban leader agreed that Mehsud was dead, but today another claimed the leader was alive and kicking and would soon show his face. Of course in the era of drone strikes in which the name, rank and serial number of the person being killed are known to CIA operatives in Virginia. Reports he is still alive might be merely an attempt to prevent defections from the ranks of the Taliban or it could be the drone missiles hit someone else.

Lou Dobbs is demanding the Obama administration present birth certificates of any Taliban leader killed in battle. After all, if the right wing media believed everything President Obama claimed, how would the American people ever learn the truth? Please Mr. Mehsud if you are dead show a valid copy of your birth certificate in order that we might know if the CIA really killed the right person!