Bain The Bain Of Mitt’s Life

There is something unfair in the current political scene when a decent, hard working Mormon man is unfairly attacked and charged with not telling the truth. Bain in 2002 filed  the following information with the Securities Exchange Commissions, it said that one Mitt Romney was the “sole stockholder, chairman of the board, chief executive and president” in their company. Of course, Mitt told the 1999 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics committee that he no longer had any connection with Bain.

Mitt insists that he left Bain in 1999.But, these Democrats want to smear his name by making claims Bain outsourced jobs while he was with the company. Mitt demands an apology since it has been his goal to conduct an honest campaign which does not make unfair charges about his opponent.

Of course, it is clear that Barack Obama is a MUSLIM, that he was born in Africa, that he is a SOCIALIST, that he “hates America,” and that he wants to destroy the free enterprise system of this nation. These are simply facts. If you don’t believe they are facts just check with Donald Trump, that paragon of virtue and honesty!