Baker’s Dozen Reasons Rush Is A Blowheart

Rush Limbaugh once again proved he was a creature of the night in the man’s comments about Senator Ted Kennedy. Following are reasons why this so-called human is a jackass.

He never encountered a fact he did not interpret incorrectly.

He is the proverbial schoolyard bully.

His attack on Ted Kennedy dug reached a new level of gutter invective.

He is the greatest ally of terrorists in the world by proving America contains not merely ugly Americans but real live ones.

He knows he lies.

He has medical insurance and wants to ensure those who have it, have it.

He has singlehandedly transformed the GOP into the Grant Order Of Putzes.

He is to truth as Barry Bonds is to claiming no steroid has ever entered his body.

He prances the stage of hate singing songs of violence toward those who cannot respond.

He is everything he hates.

Doubt is a stranger who has never knocked on the Rush’s door.

He has compassion for those who lack compassion for others.