Baladi-My Country For Women!

Saudi Arabia is among the countries which cooperate with western powers in the quest to halt terrorism. Of course, this bastion of anti-terrorism does not allow women to drive cars, curtails their work opportunities and makes certain when they walk the streets their attire is proper, the body covered, that is. Sara Abbar and other Saudi women have decided it is time for them to stand up and demand their civil rights. Sara and her daughter attempted to vote in the innovative idea of allowing Saudis to actually vote for municipal officials. They were firmly told, “No Women Can Apply,” either to run for public office or to vote in them. “we will keep trying again and again,” said Sara, “until we get our right.” A new organization has arisen named, Baladi, which is Arabic for, “My Country.” Dozens of women are heading to polling places demanding to vote and being told to hit the road back to the kitchen where they belong.

Women legally in Saudi Arabia are under a “guardianship” system in which father or uncle or husband makes decisions and they either obey or face the consequences. It is wonderful that women are fighting for the right to vote in Saudi Arabia. Of course, many men who have that right regard it as basically a waste of time since the government is going to decide who runs and who wins. We suspect it will initially require some form of free election for men before anything will happen to ensure freedom for women.

At least we hope since it may well be that giving men the right to vote will simply perpetuate the existing anti-feminine system.