Ban Death Penalty

Jimmy Carter is among the most ignored presidents in our history. He is the subject of numerous myths about his incompetence. Politicians hail Ronald Reagan for increasing the size of our armed forces even though the build up began in the Carter administration. Carter always displayed a sense of concern for human rights and never used being president in order to gain great riches. He has now come out for a ban on the death penalty. As he puts it so sensibly, “the only consistency today is that the people who are executed are almost always poor, from a racial minority or mentally deficient.” I do not believe any person in possession of a million dollars was executed in the United States of America during the twentieth century.

Carter told the English newspaper, the Guardian, the death penalty is applied very unevenly throughout the United States and in certain states such as Texas, it appears no governor will ever consider human factors such as mental retardation. As Carter notes, “it is time for for the Supreme Court to look at the totality of the death penalty once again.” Amen