Ban The Muslim Brotherhood?

During its brief leadership of the Egyptian nation, the Muslim Brotherhood provided evidence that it lacked any grasp of how one governs a nation. It refused to work with other political parties even though President Morsi had barely received a majority of votes in a nation that was seriously divided. Morsi did not undrstand that Egypt required unity in purpose in order to create the foundations of democracy. It needed leadership that could address serious issues of creating an economy that would produce jobs, not new mosques in which to pray. Under the military “dictatorship” which now rules Egypt, similar mistakes are being made when society needs unity and direction. An Egptian court has banned the Muslim Brotherhood from carrying out any activities even those that might assist poor people. As of this moment,the Muslim Brotherhood simply has ceased to have any purpose in Egyptian society.

It appears that whoever assumes leadership of Egypt accepts the same premise in governing. “I” am in charge and “All” must obey my dictates. This is the same road to disaster and disunity which has far too long plagued Egypt. It would be wiser to include the MB in government and teach them how to work with other groups. Or, should one say, force them to cooperate?