Open Letter to Republican Party Leaders!

Ladies and gentlemen, and all those who seek to keep America free from terrorism, it is time to act against the leading proponents of terrorism–WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES! From Columbine to shootings in Finland to shooting in Germany and to the horror in Norway, the culprits are always the same –WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES! For some reason, organizations like Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck have focused attention on the wrong males. It is not Muslim males that engage in mass murder of the innocent, but WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES who grab guns and spray bullets killing innocent children. We arrest thousands in America who are of the Muslim faith, but if you added up all the people killed by all the Muslims we have arrested, it would not be a tenth of innocent individuals killed by WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES!

I know that Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin, and Mitt Romney and some of the other guys whose names I can not spell, constantly warn of Muslim terrorists, but never of WHITE CHRISTIAN MALE terrorism. Examine the evidence. White Chrisitan males and females are candidates of the Republican party(Oh, there is that black dude, Cain, but he is certainly not very Abel as a candidate). What does this suggest? The entire coterie of Republican white male and white female candidates are simply potential terrorists. Keep America safe from terrorism, lock up all the WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES and send them to prison. At least, the rest of we Muslims and Jews can then live in peace. Put it this way, would you like some WHITE CHRISTIAN MALES living on your block and threatening the lives of your children??