Bangladesh Forced Marriage Halted

A British teenager has been rescued from a forced marriage to her Bangladeshi cousin due to intervention by a British diplomat. The 19 year old girl was traveling with her mother in Bangladesh in order to be forced to marry a cousin. Hours before the wedding was to take place, the girl telephoned the British consular office in Syihet and an embassy official shortly arrived with local police to halt the marriage. The girl was handed back to her mother on condition she would not be forced into any marriage. The British High Commission in Dhaka says it has assisted in preventing 56 such forced marriage in the past year.

The issue of forced marriages remains an interesting contrast in views regarding the meaning of family and the power of parents to make decisions regarding their children. Historically, parents arranged marriages but in the past century this cultural tradition has died out in most industrial and post industrial societies. The rights of women have become important and this incident is simply one more example of the clash of cultures that remains alive in many parts of the world.

  • http://fff RAFI HUSSAIN

    Forced Marriages in Bangladesh. A young asian man called Toff got this issue discussed amongst the people of Sylhet. He and his team arranged in all the Divisions of Sylhet roadshow events which got people and the administration really involved. So it is good to see that the team in Bangladesh continues with the good work. Well done to the British Embassy there in Bangladesh. Excellent work

  • http://BrickLane Ataur Rahman

    dont hear much activity from the British High Commission. They have stopped helping British Bangladeshis. Looks like the people who cared about the Brits have left. I dont feel cared for anymore and the dealings i have had recently have not been friendly. Ataur – Sylhet

  • Kabir Rahman

    The consular help to dual brits has gone. The people that cared for us have now disappeared from the British High Commission.

    I came to the Dhaka office in early 2010 once to be met by a small englishman called Mr Alan. Very rude, very abrupt and he could not even hear me properly. I spent 15 minutes explaining what I wanted to him. Useless man, crap service. Rubbish service from the British High Commission in Dhaka. A waste of taxpayers money them being there.


  • Tamanna

    I’m getting married tomorrow with sum1 i don’t like at all but i don’t wanna say no cos my moms gonna get upset. My aunt has kept my passport for the last 6 months and i never asked for it cos i trust my mom. I dunno wat to do i’m only 18. Am i being forced? I dont want to embarass my mom tho…

  • Fharhun

    Look Tamanna, i know this message may probably be too late or just in the nick of time, dunno but anyways, listen to me T, don’t marry the guy!!!!!! If you don’t like him and you don’t even know him then why the heck should you marry him? I can practically predict that your mum and your family are gonna either emotionally black-mail ya or go extreme on you by threatening you or something but you gotta stay strong and say NO!! This is your life at the end of the day and you decide whats gonna happen, not your parents, not some strangers who follow the same religion or race as you, not even God!!!!!!!!God has given life to you, so live it girl and live it good- don’t be miserable for the rest of your life just for the sake of your family having the opportunity to brag about a marriage which you didn’t agree to. Just say NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!