Bangladesh Sorrows

There are nations in the world which have become the sources of our inexpensive cloths and shoes which enable those in more economically developed societies to enjoy the good life of leisure and be assured one is well attired. Years ago, the famous NBA star, Michael Jordan when asked if he knew that children made his sneakers responded with a Martin Luther King comment: “I just sell sneakers, I really don’t pay attention as to who makes them.” Nearly two years ago in Bangladesh there was a terrible fire in one of the 4500 garment factories. Fire broke out on a ground floor, doors were locked and those who actually got out were ordered back in because it was nonproductive if workers were outside and the assembly line was inside. We may recall pictures of women hurling themselves out of windows in order to escape the flaming fury.

Believe it or not, those who caused the death of 111 women finally in February, 2014 were FINALLY brought to justice. Delwar Hossain and his wife Mahmuda Akter were denied bail and ordered to jail. The real issue is: exactly how long will those who produce goods for Walmart actually remain in jail? I doubt if it is 111 days.