Barack Backs Down Over Oil Drilling

Frankly, any supporter of President Barack Obama can not express surprise at news the administration which claimed it wanted to end oil drilling in Alaska, now has given permits to Shell Oil to drill, baby, drill. If you want  something from Barack Obama, just bluff and raise the stakes high enough, this man folds at the first expression of the bluff. Shell will begin drilling next year in waters that house biodiversity which can readily be destroyed by an oil spill.

President Obama increasingly displays evidence that he is the first person elected as a Democratic Party candidate who was, in reality, a Conservative Republican. Barack, you sure are no Franklin Roosevelt, you sure are no “tell it as it is” Harry Truman, you sure are no John Kennedy offering a vision of the future, and you sure are no Lyndon Johnson working to end poverty. I think Warren Harding is more  to your liking.