Barack, Buddy, Can You Spare $200 Million?

Sometimes, I imagine the Republican Party has weekly meetings in which individuals vie with one another for the most outrageous idiotic story they can invent in order to continue the guerrilla warfare program against Barack Obama. The latest nutty charge is that his trip to India is costing the American public $200,000,000 per day. I am confused, George Bush traveled to Iraq, he traveled to Asia, he traveled to Europe, and Fox News did not have a single story about the cost of his trips. Of course, we will not mention the ongoing trips to his ranch in Texas. On the bright side, I am glad that Fox News and Glenn and Rush and Bill are concerned about costs. We spend over a billion dollars a week in Afghanistan and about the same amount in Iraq. For some strange reason these cost conscious pundits are NOT concerned about spending a trillion dollars or more on wars, the only thing that bothers them is when Obama takes a trip.

The first reality Obama must confront is regardless of how he reaches out to Republicans they will not reciprocate. They have only one item on their agenda and it sure is not related to the economic health of this nation. Load rifles and fire away at the president. Any effort to placate them is a waste of time. Do what you have to do and focus on what is important to America.