Barack Bush Cheney Obama(BBCO)

Barack Obama during his quest for the presidency made critical remarks concerning abuse of power by then President Bush. Obama decried torture, he was upset at individuals being punished for speaking the truth. That was then, now is now. The National Defense Authorization Act gives power to the president of this nation to hold people in jail-forever, it sends to jail those who  uncover violation of human rights and it has gained for Obama words of support and praise from the likes of Fox News. Oh, it is all justified on ground that America must protect itself against “terrorists.”

Last year in the United States of America “terrorists” killed exactly NO ONE. However, 30,000 people were killed by those with guns! Is there a law around which would hold indefinitely anyone with a gun who threatens another American?  A handful of “terrorists” are in jail,  but there are 2.2 MILLION others in jail who are NOT terrorists!

Let’s place in  jail anyone who uses a weapon to threaten another person. THAT is the best way to handle “terrorists” in America!