Barack Bush New President

There apparently is a  misaprehension that George Bush left Washington D.C. and headed for his ranch in Texas. There is a misaprehension among Republicans that some black dude who was born in Africa apparently sneaked into the White House and allowed a foreigner to become president. Each day makes clear the name of the current president of the United States is Barack George Bush Obama. Bush did not win the election in  2008, but his surrogate, one Barack Obama was the victor. Obama embraced Bush policies on collecting phone records of Americans, having the federal government track the  movement of American citizens and curtail freedom of the press by making difficult the right of reporters to interact with citizens.

There is a delictate balance between national security and the right of Americans to be free from supervision by government officials. Once Obama wanted to end Bush policies of restricting the right of Americans to enjoy the freedoms that once were part of our society. Bushabama forgot that freedom is too precious to waste on the ground there are bad people in the world. There have always and will always be bad people. If we allow those who are evil to determine the extent of our freedom, then evil has triumphed.