Barack-Declare War On Madacasgar??

The US invaded Iraq to bring democracy, it invaded Afghanistan to bring democracy, it tried years ago to bring democracy to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, so why not another shot at democracy? Republicans are always attacking the president for his military failures, which of course, they are responsible for creating. So, how about Barack invading a new country and thus taking complete responsibility for what happens? Twenty officers in the Madagascar army announced they had overthrown the president. However, President Rajoelina is safe in his office and insists the army is behind him. Albert Zafy, who was himself overthrown, is supporting the new overthrow–fair is fair.

OK, Barack, here is the game plan. We send in the US Marines, they take over the country. The good news is Madacasgar is an island so them Muslims can’t easily supply anyone. I have a hunch the Madacasgar army is not the best in the world and I would bet the Marines can handle them. President Rajoelina comes across as a minor version of President Karzai, but once Blackwater and the other companies show up to rebuild his nation, he will probably be happy.

Barack, you can go on TV and boast about an invasion, a conquest, and a rebuilding and there are no US casualties. What will Glenn Beck say about that!!