Barack Is FDR, Not Reagan!

On the night of his election in  2008, many Obama advisors urged that he adopt the ideas and attitude of Franklin Roosevelt, who from day one, attacked the wealthy of this nation and blamed them for the Depression. FDR made jobs the most important item on his agenda. So, what did Obama do? He made Ronald Reagan, darling of business people, the model of his administration. Five years later, Obama is finally swinging over to FDR and becoming a populist for the people. “Even though our businesses are creating new jobs and have broken record profits, nearly all the income gains of the  past 10 years have continued to flow to the top 1%!”

Imagine Barack saying: “this growing inequality isn’t just morally wrong; it’s bad economics. When middle class families have less to spend, guess what? Businesses have fewer customers.”

Five years too late expressing what Americans feel.