Barack Is For Jobs– A Year Too Late!

In recent weeks, America has been treated to pictures of President Obama in rolled up sleeves, actually raising his voice in anger, and demanding of Republicans that they finally do something. In fact, the man whose silence about job programs lasted over a year, same out in support of new job programs. We agree with everything the president NOW is urging. The problem is what he now is proposing was necessary last year. He had an opportunity in January, 2009 to rebuild our economy and to focus on job development. Instead he shifted energy to a health care reform that was necessary, but not last year. Perhaps, the president can explain to an unemployed person the value of health care when she lacks money to pay the premium. Last year this blog over and over again urged the president to make job creation the center of his program and link it with the economic stimulus bill. But, Obama’s ego got in the way. According to close associates he rejected delaying a health care reform because he wanted to go down in history as the man who made it part of America. We could have waited another year.

Barack Obama had an opportunity to go down in history as a great president. He will now be known as the man who had the backbone of a chocolate eclair when it came to defending human rights.