Barack Obama–A Nice Conservative!

The most common complaint these days concerning failures in the Obama administration is that he turned to the left when the nation wanted something in the middle or to the right. His initial major decision was continuing the Stimulus program begun by that arch liberal, George Bush. He also is pushing forward a slightly different version of Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” disastrous education program. He continued the Bush program in Iraq with a slight modification of returning home about half the soldiers and he sent more troops to Afghanistan than were sent by George Bush. Yes, he did push forward a health reform plan despite being urged by Democratic “liberals” to hold off on this push and focus on jobs. Obama made clear to liberals there would not be a Franklin Roosevelt program to provide government sponsored jobs. Yes, he has supported efforts to regulate business, but that is hardly a radical or liberal program since just about anyone in the presidency would have pushed something similar. No major job thrust is evidence in Obama plans, instead of attempting to create an education plan to that would result in 21st century schools, he has made the major factor in giving money to schools which push testing, testing, and dumbing down the curriculum.

Our president has not had a press conference in a year which means right wing pundits control the media and push their ideas. The firing of an Agriculture official for allegedly claiming she was anti-white is simply an example of Obama’s failure to center the discussion on important issues. He allows Republicans to make one slanderous attack after another and from the White House comes silence. Why won’t Barack Obama fight back?
President Obama might do some reading about Harry Truman who fought back or FDR who fought back against the slanders. In those days, we had liberal fighting presidents, not like the present pussy in the White House.