Barack Obama And Tales Of Fantasy

Barack Obama is among the most intelligent people to assume the presidency, but every so often one is left with the impression he was born in very wealthy family and has no connection with the reality of political life. After the debacle of Tuesday he was asked about the future of Don’t Ask,Don’t Tell and insisted it would readily pass during the interim session of Congress. After all, according to Obama, people in Congress do not play at politics! During his interview with Jon Stewart, the president complained that not enough people understand the meaning of the health care bill. Of course they don’t, because the president never spent time explaining anything to the American people. He was too busy sitting around the White House with fellow genius types Larry Summers and Tim Geithner. When you are of their intellect it is suffice they even spend time solving the problems of America. But, to demand they explain their actions, well, that is simply going beyond the pale of what one does as president.

Let me explain something to our beloved president. Sir, you possess the Bully Pulpit of the presidency and you must use it to explain issues and discus solutions with the American people. But, step one is to understand that Republicans consider any and ALL issues to be political!!